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is a modern fast-paced, top-down asteroid shooting frenzy!

The Galactic Asteroids Patrol

Navigate your spaceship in hectic asteroid fields while blasting dangerous & unique space rocks and shooting down alien flying saucers.

Use your ships' special abilities to avoid danger and maneuver with great skill to collect upgrades & ammo.

Choose from several types of multiplayer game types and play with or against your friends.

The Galactic Asteroids Patrol is a nostalgic & exciting re-imagining of the classic-style arcade games of blowing things up in outer space.


  • Single & Multiplayer gameplay: play with or against your friends online in 4 different multiplayer game types, including "Asteroids Ball"!

  • 4 types of spaceships: choose your ship based on its strengths, weaknesses & payloads.

  • 12 weapons and abilities: each ship has access to specific subsets of weapons & abilities.

  • 5 asteroid types: not just simple chunks of rocks floating in space, each asteroid poses a unique threat.

Back Story

Back Story

For over three decades since its founding The Galactic Asteroids Patrol has been blowing up asteroids in every asteroid-infested corner of the Galaxy.Once a new and proud initiative, the Patrol has now been reduced to a small, desolate, and underfunded department in a forgotten corner of the vast galactic bureaucracy.

Of its once young and daring pilots, those who survived count their remaining years to retirement on a small government pension. Its spaceships, decades ago considered the pinnacle of spaceship design and technology, are almost space junk to modern eyes - barely kept in service through repeated retrofitting and cheap part replacements.


Welcome to The Galactic Asteroids Patrol!

Your goal as a Patrol pilot is to survive while destroying as many asteroids & alien ships.

The game is a top-down shooter played using keyboard & mouse.

Main Keys: (all keys can be customized in the options menu)

  • 'W' key to apply thrust

  • 'A' & 'D' keys to rotate the spaceship

  • 'Q' Key to cycle through secondary weapons

  • 'Space' to activate a special ability

Mouse Control:

  • Point mouse to aim at a target

  • Left click to shoot primary weapon 

  • Right click to shoot  secondary weapon

basic Gameplay & Controls

Basic Gameplay


Garbin 20.7

The old workhorse of the galactic asteroids patrol, the Garbin 20.7 is the original model used by the patrol.


Designed as a garbage freighter thirty years ago, by modern standards this ship is almost scrap metal. However the patrol did install some upgrades over the years to this old line of ships. A protective force field, rotating cannon, enhanced engines and a cushioned pilot seat with lower back support were all well-received by the Patrol pilots. Indeed this old model now barely resembles its original design and serves as a reminder of just how dangerous (and back breaking) the business of blowing asteroids up in outer space was back in the day!


The result is not elegant, but elegance is not what the Patrol was ever about. The Garbin will, as it always has, get the job done.

Garbin 20.7.png


The C.R.Z-9000 were a line of military scout & reconnaissance ships that were taken out of service shortly after they were introduced due to a fatal bug in the ships’ onboard computer artificial intelligence. Only after the first few missions it became clear that the computer is indeed insane. More precisely, it seemed to have an addiction to speed and risk, often ignoring the pilot’s instructions and flying straight into a nearby asteroid field, just so it can zigzag between them at crazy speeds.


While the fact that all those pilots came back to tell the tale is a testament to the CRZ's incredible maneuverability and capabilities, such a severe lack of discipline could not be tolerated by the military. Coupled with the fact that the programmers could not figure out where the bug was, (some still argued it was a feature), the CRZ soon found itself outside the service.


In the patrol however, a ship that wants to fly straight into an asteroid field is right at home. And so the CRZ now serves as the patrol's light fighter. While not very heavily armed and only lightly armored, in the hands of the right patrol pilots (who themselves have some bugs in their software) this matters very little.


Sirius Ultra Vortis

The Sirius Ultra Vortis corporation's 4000x4000 model was the latest in their galaxy-wide famous line of luxury ship models.


Owning a Vortis is a true statement that one has too much money and too little to do with it, and wants everybody to know it. However the effect soon wears out and as the new Vortis models roll out, last year's models soon find themselves in space junk yards.


This was a perfect opportunity for the patrol. With its inherent bulky frame and military-grade civilian shields (guaranteed to protect the paint job in case of an accident with a lower-class ship), the Vortis was the perfect candidate to turn into an asteroid fighting machine. The leather sofas removed, the upstairs bar closed and the disco floor torn out - all to make room for a devastating arsenal of asteroid-blowing weapons and ammunition.


The result is the patrol’s heavy ship, which while not very maneuverable, more than makes up for it with raw firepower and ability to take punishment. Many "old" Vortis models now find new life as asteroid blowing behemoths.

Sirius Ultra Vortis.png


The Enstemilya was conceived a few years back as a thought experiment when a group of guys from the quantum physics faculty met some girls from the philosophy department at a student party one night in the Galactic University.


Even though they went home alone, it got them thinking about existence and the question of partial presence in the space-time continuum. Or as one of them put it - "It's like we weren't even here.”


That incident started a chain of events that eventually led to some bold theories about a new form of travel drive that would challenge the monopoly of the Hyperspace companies. 


Unfortunately, the intangibility engine did not work. While it did in fact achieve the ability to render a given mass temporarily "unavailable" to normal spacetime by using an obscene amount of energy, the problem of using it as a means of propulsion was never solved. Though it was mainly a failure, the intangibility device eventually found some commercial success among people who preferred "not being there.”


The patrol, however, immediately identified the potential of the Enstemicia and it's only-partially working intangibility drive, purchasing all the prototypes that were available when manufacturing stopped. This is due to the fact that when one is flying through an asteroid field, the philosophical question of not being there often manifests itself in a very tangible manner.

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